MSO Cambridge 2011 Links

Here are some web sites of games-related organisations in and around Cambridge:

Kevingston Boardgames
Eric Hallsworth & Countrywide Computers

Michael English's local games site
MSO Cambridge Games meetings (email Will Brooks)

Cambridge University Chess Club
Cambridge City Chess Club
Cambridge Junior Chess & Go Club

Cambridge Go Society
Royston Shogi Club

Cambridge Bridge Club
Cambridge University Bridge Club
Cambs and Hunts Contract Bridge Association

Cam-backgammon: Cambridge Backgammon Players
Gammoned.com (Online Backgammon)

Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club
Cambridge Scrabble Club
Cambridge University Diplomacy Society
Cambridge Tridge Club
Maldoo - the electronic board-games board

Cambridge University Magic (Collectible Card Game) Society (email Sam Stephenson)
Cambridge University Wargaming Society
Cambridge University Role-Playing Society
Cambridge Camarilla
Cambridge Games Club
Chess For Kids
The Magical Druids (email Neil)
Sophisticated Games
Jagex Ltd - developer and operator of the multiplayer online 3D adventure game RuneScape and games site FunOrb.

Here are some web sites of games-related organisations elsewhere:

Association of British Scrabble Players FACEBOOK

Backpacker Backgammon

Test Your Chess - teaching site

the-games-hub.com - directory of Board Games related websites.

British Isles Backgammon Association

British Land UK Chess Challenge

British Go Association

British Othello Federation FACEBOOK

British Shogi Federation

British Stratego Association FACEBOOK

British Skat Association

Chess Circle Forums - The place for Chess!

English Chess Federation

English Draughts Association

Flagship magazine

LivePubPokerLeague - Texas Holdem Poker tournaments in UK pubs

Oware Society, The

Pacru Limited, publishers of Azacru, Pacru & Shacru


Swiggers Games Club, London

and not forgetting the inspiration of this whole thing:

Mind Sports Olympiad

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