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National Championships Roll of Honour

1977 London              Alan Woch
1978 Stratford-upon-Avon Geoff Davidson
1979 Birmingham          Alan Woch
1980 London              Neil Cogle
1981 London              John Parker
1982 Cabridge            David Stephenson
1983 London              Imre Leader
1984 Birmingham          David Sharman
1985 Peterborough        Neil Stephenson
1986 Blackpool           Imre Leader 
1987 Peterborough        Peter Bhagat 
1988 Doncaster           Graham Brightwell 
1989 Chester             Joel Feinstein 
1990 Cambridge           Imre Leader 
1991 York                Joel Feinstein 
1992 Nottingham          Joel Feinstein 
1993 Sheffield           Joel Feinstein* 
1994 Cambridge           Imre Leader 
1995 Portsmouth          Graham Brightwell 
1996 Doncaster           Joel Feinstein 
1997 Eyam                Joel Feinstein 
1998 Oxford              Graham Brightwell 
1999 Edwinstowe          Imre Leader 
2000 Cambridge           Graham Brightwell 
2001 Newcastle           Imre Leader 
2002 Oxford              Garry Edmead 
2003 Doncaster           Garry Edmead 
2004 Cambridge           Imre Leader
2005 London              Imre Leader
2006 Crawley             Graham Brightwell
2007 Derby               Imre Leader
2008 Sheffield           David Hand
2009 Frimley Green       Michael Handel
2010 Leamington Spa      Imre Leader
2011 Cambridge           Guy Plowman
2012 Nottingham          Borja Moreno
2013 Whitley Bay         David Hand
*Won the championship on Swiss position
after drawing final 32-32.

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